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PDFWAC 246-235-080

Special requirements for possession and use of medical calibration and reference sources.

(1) Leak tests.
(a) Any licensee or registrant who possesses sealed sources as calibration or reference sources must test for leakage or contamination each sealed source containing radioactive material, other than Hydrogen-3, with a half-life greater than 30 days in any form other than gas at least every six months. In the absence of a certificate from a transferor indicating that a test has been made within six months prior to the transfer, the sealed sources must not be used until tested. However, leak tests are not required when: The source contains 3.7 megabecquerels (100 microcuries) or less of beta or gamma emitting material or 370 kilobecquerels (10 microcuries) or less of alpha emitting material or the sealed source is stored and is not being used: Provided, a physical inventory of the source and wipe surveys of the storage area or storage container are conducted as required by these rules or license condition.
(b) The leak test must be capable of detecting the presence of 185 becquerels (0.005 microcurie) of radioactive material on the test sample. The test sample must be taken from the sealed source or from the surfaces of the device in which the sealed source is mounted or stored on which contamination might be expected to accumulate. Records of leak test results must be kept in units of microcuries and maintained for inspection by the department.
(c) If the leak test reveals the presence of 185 becquerels (0.005 microcurie) or more of removable contamination, the licensee or registrant must immediately withdraw the sealed source from use and must cause it to be decontaminated and repaired or to be disposed of in accordance with chapters 246-235 and 246-221 WAC. The licensee must file a report within five days of the test with the department describing the equipment involved, the test results, and the corrective action taken.
(2) Any licensee or registrant who possesses and uses calibration and reference sources must:
(a) Follow the radiation safety and handling instructions approved by the department, the NRC or an agreement state and furnished by the manufacturer on the label attached to the source, or permanent container thereof, or in the leaflet or brochure that accompanies the source, and maintain the instructions in a legible and conveniently available form; and
(b) Conduct a quarterly or semi-annual physical inventory to account for all sources received and possessed. Records of the inventories must be maintained for inspection by the department and must include, at a minimum, the quantities and kinds of radioactive material, location of sources, name of person performing the inventory, and the date of the inventory.
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