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PDFWAC 246-232-007

Exemption of certain depleted uranium items.

(1) A person is exempt from the requirements for a license and from this chapter and chapters 246-233 and 246-235 WAC to the extent that the person receives, possesses, uses or transfers:
(a) Depleted uranium contained in counterweights installed in aircraft, rockets, projectiles and missiles, or stored or handled in connection with installation or removal of such counterweights if:
(i) Each counterweight has been impressed with the following legend clearly legible through any plating or other covering: "DEPLETED URANIUM"*;
(ii) Each counterweight is durably and legibly labeled or marked with the identification of the manufacturer and the statement: "UNAUTHORIZED ALTERATIONS PROHIBITED"*; and
(iii) The exemption contained in this subparagraph shall not be deemed to authorize the chemical, physical or metallurgical treatment or processing of any such counterweight other than repair or restoration of any plating or other covering.
The requirements specified in (1)(a)(i) and (ii) of this subsection need not be met by counterweights manufactured prior to December 31, 1969, provided that such counterweights are impressed with the legend, "CAUTION - RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL - URANIUM," as previously required by the rules and were manufactured under a specific license issued by the Atomic Energy Commission and were impressed with the legend required by WAC 246-232-007 (1)(a)(i) in effect on June 30, 1969.
(b) Natural or depleted uranium used as shielding constituting part of any shipping container which is conspicuously and legibly impressed with the legend "CAUTION - RADIOACTIVE SHIELDING - URANIUM" and the uranium metal is encased in mild steel or in an equally fire resistant metal of a minimum wall thickness of 3.2 millimeters.
(2) The exemptions in this subsection do not authorize the manufacture of any of the products described.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050 and 70.98.110. WSR 17-01-034, § 246-232-007, filed 12/12/16, effective 1/12/17; WSR 16-13-054, § 246-232-007, filed 6/10/16, effective 7/11/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050. WSR 13-24-025, § 246-232-007, filed 11/22/13, effective 12/23/13; WSR 01-02-068, § 246-232-007, filed 12/29/00, effective 1/29/01.]
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