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PDFWAC 246-231-174

Changes to quality assurance program.

(1) Each quality assurance program approval holder shall submit, in accordance with 10 C.F.R. 71.1(a), a description of a proposed change to its NRC-approved quality assurance program that will reduce commitments in the program description as approved by the NRC. The quality assurance program approval holder shall not implement the change before receiving NRC approval.
(a) The description of a proposed change to the NRC-approved quality assurance program must identify the change, the reason for the change, the basis for concluding that the revised program incorporating the change continues to satisfy the applicable requirements of 10 C.F.R. Subpart H.
(b) (Reserved.)
(2) Each quality assurance program approval holder may change a previously approved quality assurance program without prior NRC approval, if the change does not reduce the commitments in the quality assurance program previously approved by the NRC. Changes to the quality assurance program that do not reduce the commitments shall be submitted to the NRC every 24 months, in accordance with 10 C.F.R. 71.1(a). In addition to quality assurance program changes involving administrative improvements and clarifications, spelling corrections, and nonsubstantive changes to punctuation or editorial items, the following changes are not considered reductions in commitment:
(a) The use of a quality assurance standard approved by the NRC that is more recent than the quality assurance standard in the certificate holder's or applicant's current quality assurance program at the time of the change;
(b) The use of generic organizational position titles that clearly denote the position function, supplemented as necessary by descriptive text, rather than specific titles, provided that there is no substantive change to either the functions of the position or reporting responsibilities;
(c) The use of generic organization charts to indicate functional relationships, authorities, and responsibilities, or alternatively, the use of descriptive text, provided that there is no substantive change to the functional relationships, authorities, or responsibilities;
(d) The elimination of quality assurance program information that duplicates language in quality assurance regulatory guides and quality assurance standards to which the quality assurance program approval holder has committed to on record; and
(e) Organizational revisions that ensure that persons and organizations performing quality assurance functions continue to have the requisite authority and organizational freedom, including sufficient independence from cost and schedule when opposed to safety considerations.
(3) Each quality assurance program approval holder shall maintain records of quality assurance program changes.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70A.388.040 and 70A.388.110. WSR 23-21-056, § 246-231-174, filed 10/11/23, effective 11/11/23. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050 and 70.98.110. WSR 17-01-034, § 246-231-174, filed 12/12/16, effective 1/12/17.]
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