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PDFWAC 246-221-230

Records important to radiation safety.

(1) Each licensee or registrant shall make and retain records of activities, program reviews, measurements, and calculations which may be necessary to determine the extent of occupational and public exposure from sources of radiation under the control of the licensee or registrant.
(2) Each record required by this section shall be legible throughout the specified retention period.
(3) Each licensee or registrant shall use the SI units: Becquerel, gray, sievert and coulomb per kilogram, or the special units: Curie, rad, rem, and roentgen, including multiples and subdivisions, and shall clearly indicate the units of all quantities on records required by these regulations.
(4) The licensee or registrant shall make a clear distinction among the quantities entered on the records required by these regulations such as, total effective dose equivalent, total organ dose equivalent, shallow dose equivalent, lens dose equivalent, deep dose equivalent, or committed effective dose equivalent.
(5) Records which must be maintained under this part shall be the original or a reproduced copy or microform if such reproduced copy or microform is duly authenticated by authorized personnel and the microform is capable of producing a clear and legible copy after storage for the period specified by department regulations. The record may also be stored in electronic media with the capability for producing legible, accurate, and complete records during the required retention period. Electronic media data storage systems shall incorporate standard or universally recognized security measures. Records, such as letters, drawings, and specifications, shall include all pertinent information, such as stamps, initials, and signatures.
(6) The licensee shall maintain adequate safeguards against tampering with and loss of records.
(7) The licensee or registrant shall retain the following required records until the department terminates each pertinent license or registration requiring the record, and upon termination of the license or registration, the licensee or registrant shall store for at least 30 years:
(a) Records of prior occupational dose and exposure history as recorded on department Form RHF-4 or RHF-4A, or equivalent;
(b) Records on department Form RHF-5 or RHF-5A, or equivalent, of doses received by all individuals for whom monitoring was required pursuant to WAC 246-221-090 and 246-221-100;
(c) Records of doses received during planned special exposures, accidents, and emergency conditions;
(d) The specific information used to calculate the committed effective dose equivalent pursuant to WAC 246-221-040(3);
(e) Records of the results of surveys to determine the dose from external sources of radiation used, in the absence of or in combination with individual monitoring data, in the assessment of individual dose equivalents;
(f) Records of the results of measurements and calculations used to determine individual intakes of radioactive material and used in the assessment of internal dose;
(g) Records showing the results of air sampling, surveys, and bioassays required pursuant to WAC 246-221-117 (1)(b)(i) and (ii);
(h) Records of the results of measurements and calculations used to evaluate the release of radioactive effluents to the environment.
(8) The licensee or registrant shall retain the following records until the department terminates the pertinent license or registration requiring the record:
(a) Records of waste disposal made under the provisions of WAC 246-221-180, 246-221-190, 246-221-210 and 246-221-220, chapter 246-249 WAC, and any burials in soil as previously authorized;
(b) Records of dose to individual members of the public as required by WAC 246-221-060(4);
(c) Records of the provisions of the radiation protection program as required by WAC 246-221-005.
(9) The licensee or registrant shall retain the following records for three years after the record is made:
(a) Records of testing entry control devices for very high radiation areas as required by WAC 246-221-106(3);
(b) Records used in preparing department Form RHF-4 or RHF-4A;
(c) Records showing the results of general surveys required by WAC 246-221-110 and package surveys required by WAC 246-221-160;
(d) Records of calibrations required by WAC 246-221-110;
(e) Records of program audits and other reviews of the content and implementation of the radiation protection program required by WAC 246-221-005;
(f) Records of waste disposal by decay in storage.
(10) If there is a conflict between the department's regulations in this part, license condition, or other written department approval or authorization pertaining to the retention period for the same type of record, the retention period specified in the regulations in this part for such records shall apply unless the department, under WAC 246-220-050, has granted a specific exemption from the record retention requirements specified in the regulations in this part.
(11) The discontinuance or curtailment of activities does not relieve the licensee or registrant of responsibility for retaining all records required by this section.
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