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PDFWAC 246-221-070

Compliance with dose limits for individual members of the public.

(1) The licensee shall make or cause to be made surveys of radiation levels in unrestricted areas and radioactive materials in effluents released to unrestricted areas to demonstrate compliance with the dose limits for individual members of the public in WAC 246-221-060.
(2) A licensee shall show compliance with the annual dose limit in WAC 246-221-060 by:
(a) Demonstrating by measurement or calculation that the total effective dose equivalent to the individual likely to receive the highest dose from the licensed operation does not exceed the annual dose limit; or
(b) Demonstrating that:
(i) The annual average concentrations of radioactive material released in gaseous and liquid effluents at the boundary of the unrestricted area do not exceed the values specified in Table II of WAC 246-221-290; and
(ii) If an individual were continually present in an unrestricted area, the dose from external sources would not exceed 0.02 mSv (0.002 rem) in an hour and 0.50 mSv (0.05 rem) in a year.
(3) Upon approval from the department, the licensee may adjust the effluent concentration values in WAC 246-221-290, Table II, for members of the public, to take into account the actual physical and chemical characteristics of the effluents, such as, aerosol size distribution, solubility, density, radioactive decay equilibrium, and chemical form.
(4) The provisions of this section do not apply to disposal of radioactive material into sanitary sewerage systems, which is governed by WAC 246-221-190.
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