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PDFWAC 246-205-021

Training provider certification.

(1) Persons wanting to become an illegal drug lab decontamination training provider must obtain department approval of instructors and courses. The types of drug lab decontamination courses that may be approved by the department are:
(a) Basic worker;
(b) Basic supervisor; and
(c) Refresher worker and supervisor.
(2) To be certified as a training provider for the refresher training course, applicants must be certified as a training provider for the basic worker and basic supervisor courses.
(3) To obtain approval of instructors, the applicant must demonstrate that the person has the breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to properly train workers and supervisors.
(4) To obtain approval of course work, the applicant must demonstrate the:
(a) Adequacy and accuracy of content; and
(b) Adequacy of training techniques.
(5) Applicants for training provider certification shall:
(a) Submit a completed training provider application as specified under subsection (6) of this section;
(b) Submit the required fee as specified under WAC 246-205-990; and
(c) Ensure the department receives the application sixty or more days before the requested approval date.
(6) A training provider application includes, but is not limited to:
(a) A completed training provider application form provided by the department;
(b) A list of all personnel involved in course presentation and a description of their qualifications;
(c) A detailed description of course content and the amount of time allotted to each major topic;
(d) A description of teaching methods;
(e) A list of questions for development of an examination; and
(f) Copies of all materials proposed for use, when requested from the department.
(7) Training provider certification is valid for two years from the date of issuance. All training provider certificates issued after December 1, 2009, will expire on the same day: November 30, 2011, and on November 30th in every odd-numbered year thereafter. Certification fees will be prorated by the month for applications submitted during the two-year period.
(8) Training provider certification may be terminated if the training provider fails to:
(a) Maintain the course content and quality as approved by the department; and
(b) Make changes to a course as required by the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 64.44.070, 64.44.060, and 43.70.250. WSR 09-21-049, § 246-205-021, filed 10/14/09, effective 11/14/09. Statutory Authority: RCW 64.44.070. WSR 03-02-022, § 246-205-021, filed 12/23/02, effective 1/23/03.]
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