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PDFWAC 246-170-065

Persons already detained, confined, or committed.

(1) The provisions of WAC 246-170-051 through 246-170-061 do not apply to persons who have been lawfully detained, confined, or committed to the custody of a penal institution, a mental health facility, or another public or private institution. The person in charge of such facility or his or her designee shall report to the local health officer the names of persons in custody who are either a suspected or confirmed case. The report shall include information indicating the date upon which the person is to be released from the facility, if known, and if no specific release date has been determined, the earliest date upon which release is likely to occur. A person in custody may be ordered to undergo examination and testing or treatment, as appropriate, by the person in charge of the facility or designee, subject to such constitutional or other requirements as may be applicable.
(2) The person in charge of a custodial facility shall notify the local health officer and the department of the release of a person who is at the time of release reasonably believed to be either a suspected or confirmed case. The notice shall be given to the local health officer where the facility is located and to the local health officer having jurisdiction over the place to which the person is being released, if known. The notice shall be given as early as is practical, but in no event later than the time of the actual release.
[Statutory Authority: ESB 6158 and chapter 70.28 RCW. WSR 95-04-035, ยง 246-170-065, filed 1/24/95, effective 1/24/95.]
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