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PDFWAC 246-170-011


Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
"Case management" means a comprehensive, ongoing identification of needs, including the need for any medical, social, educational, or other support services; the development and implementation of a detailed plan of services and related activities; use of community linkages; and advocacy for the client performed in a prescribed, accountable manner.
"Confirmed" or "confirmed case" means an individual who has a positive bacteriologic culture for Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex or a suspected case that shows response to an appropriate course of treatment.
"Department" means the department of health.
"Detention" or "detain" means the act of restricting an individual's movement by confining the person.
"Directly observed therapy (DOT)" and "directly observed preventive therapy (DOPT)" mean providing oral medications to patients and observing ingestion of medications by patients.
"Infected" means an individual who has tubercle bacilli as identified by a positive tuberculin skin test, but is not capable of transmitting the organism to another person.
"Infectious" means the stage of disease in which an individual transmits viable tuberculosis organisms into the air.
"Inpatient" means health care furnished to an individual who has been admitted to a hospital.
"Outpatient" means health care furnished to an individual who is not an inpatient.
"Personal protective equipment" means respirators and other equipment as required by the department of labor and industries.
"Prevention" means the interventions that interrupt the spread of tuberculosis, either within an individual, within the population, or both.
"Preventive therapy" means either treatment to prevent infection in an uninfected person or treatment to prevent disease in an infected person.
"Primary health care provider" means the person who assumes the day-to-day medical care of a tuberculosis patient.
"Suspected case" means an individual with signs or symptoms suggestive of tuberculosis disease prior to confirmation.
"Treatment" means a course of long-term multiple drug or other appropriate therapy prescribed for an individual with suspected or confirmed disease in accordance with accepted medical practice and current applicable national and state guidelines, and may include preventive therapy.
"Tuberculin skin test" means the introduction of purified protein derivative (PPD) by the Mantoux method.
"Tuberculosis community health worker" means an unlicensed person trained to perform tuberculin skin testing, directly observed therapy, and directly observed preventive therapy and working pursuant to chapter 70.28 RCW as part of a program established by a state or local health officer to control tuberculosis.
[Statutory Authority: ESB 6158 and chapter 70.28 RCW. WSR 95-04-035, ยง 246-170-011, filed 1/24/95, effective 1/24/95.]
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