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PDFWAC 246-136-010


The following definitions apply in the interpretation and enforcement of chapter 246-136 WAC:
(1) "HIV" means human immunodeficiency virus.
(2) "Local health department" means the city, town, county, or district agency providing public health services to persons within the area, as provided in chapters 70.05, 70.08 and 70.46 RCW.
(3) "Local health officer" means the individual appointed under chapter 70.05 RCW as the health officer for the local health department, or appointed under chapter 70.08 RCW as the director of public health of a combined city-county health department.
(4) "Local jail administrator" means the individual appointed to operate a jail facility as defined in RCW 70.48.020.
(5) "State health officer" means the person designated by the secretary of the department of health to serve as statewide health officer, or, in the absence of such designation, the person having primary responsibility for public health matters in the state.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.24.107. WSR 97-22-027, ยง 246-136-010, filed 10/29/97, effective 11/29/97.]
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