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PDFWAC 246-10-123


(1) The presiding officer, the secretary or designee, and attorneys for parties may issue subpoenas to residents of the state of Washington, to license holders and applicants for license, and to other persons or entities subject to jurisdiction under RCW 4.28.185.
(2) The presiding officer shall issue subpoenas pursuant to RCW 34.05.446(1) for parties not represented by counsel upon request of the party and upon a showing of relevance and reasonable scope of the testimony or evidence sought. Requests for issuance of subpoenas must be made in writing to the presiding officer stating the relevance and the scope of testimony or evidence sought.
(3) The person on whose behalf the subpoena is issued shall pay any witness fees and expenses as provided in WAC 246-10-115 or costs for interpreters for such witnesses as provided in WAC 246-10-122.
(4) Attendance of persons subpoenaed and production of evidence may be required at any designated place in the state of Washington.
(5) Every subpoena must:
(a) Comply with WAC 246-10-120;
(b) Identify the party causing issuance of the subpoena; and
(c) Command the person to whom the subpoena is directed to attend and give testimony or produce designated items under the person's control at a specified time and place.
(6) A subpoena may be served by any suitable person eighteen years of age or older by:
(a) Giving a copy of the subpoena to the person to whom the subpoena is addressed;
(b) Leaving a copy at such person's dwelling house or usual place of abode with a person of suitable age and discretion then residing therein;
(c) Sending a copy of the subpoena by mail to the current address on file with the department if the person is licensed by the department or has filed an application for a license with the department; or
(d) Sending a copy of the subpoena by certified mail with proof of receipt if the person is neither licensed by nor has applied for a license with the department.
(7) Proof of service may be made by:
(a) Affidavit or declaration of personal service;
(b) Certification by the person mailing the subpoena to a license holder or applicant; or
(c) Return or acknowledgment showing receipt by the person subpoenaed or his or her representative. Any person accepting certified or registered mail at the last known address of the person subpoenaed will be considered an authorized representative.
(8) The presiding officer, upon motion made promptly and before the time specified for compliance in the subpoena, may:
(a) Quash or modify the subpoena if the subpoena is unreasonable or requires evidence not relevant to any matter at issue; or
(b) Condition denial of the motion upon just and reasonable conditions, including advancement of the reasonable cost by the person on whose behalf the subpoena is issued of producing the books, documents, or tangible things; or
(c) Issue a protective order under RCW 34.05.446 or WAC 246-10-405.
(9) The department may seek enforcement of a subpoena under RCW 34.05.588(1) or proceed in default pursuant to WAC 246-10-204.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040, 34.05.220, 34.05.410, 18.130.050, and 34.05.413 through 34.05.476. WSR 18-18-049, § 246-10-123, filed 8/29/18, effective 9/29/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040. WSR 94-04-079, § 246-10-123, filed 1/31/94, effective 3/3/94; WSR 93-13-005 (Order 369), § 246-10-123, filed 6/3/93, effective 7/4/93.]
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