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PDFWAC 240-10-030


(1) Committee - The Washington state employee combined fund drive committee described in WAC 240-10-010.
(2) State employee combined fund drive campaign - An arrangement by which the committee provides one or more other participating organizations with the opportunity to receive funds contributed to them in the annual campaign, based on their compliance with the regulations herein.
(3) Participating organization - A health and welfare agency whose application has been accepted by the committee.
(4) Annual campaign - The once-a-year period of organized solicitation of state employees conducted annually to obtain voluntary contributions from state employees for charitable commitments to be allocated during the ensuing year of contributions.
(5) Year of contributions - The annual calendar year for collection of the voluntary payroll deductions for charitable contributions authorized by state employees pursuant to these regulations. The normal, full annual calendar year shall begin with January and end with the ensuing December.
(6) Health and welfare agency - The terms "voluntary agency," "voluntary health and welfare agency," "voluntary charitable agency," and "voluntary charitable health and welfare agency" mean an organization that is organized and operated for the purpose of rendering, or of materially or financially supporting the rendering of, one or more of the following services for the benefit of human beings:
(a) Delivery of health care to ill or infirm individuals;
(b) Education and training of personnel for the delivery of health care to ill or infirm individuals;
(c) Health research for the benefit of ill or infirm individuals;
(d) Delivery of education, training, and care to physically and mentally handicapped individuals;
(e) Treatment, care, rehabilitation, and counseling of juvenile delinquents, criminals, released convicts, persons who abuse drugs or alcohol, persons who are victims of intra-family violence or abuse, persons who are otherwise in need of social adjustment and rehabilitation, and the families of such persons;
(f) Relief of victims of crime, war, casualty, famine, natural disasters, and other catastrophes and emergencies;
(g) Neighborhood and community-wide social services that directly assist needy, poor, and indigent individuals, including provision of emergency relief and shelter, recreation, transportation, the preparation and delivery of meals, educational opportunities, and job training;
(h) Protection of families that, on account of economic or other need, poverty, indigence, or emergency, are in long-term or short-term need of family, child-care, and maternity services, child and marriage counseling, foster care, and guidance or assistance in the management and maintenance of the home and household;
(i) Relief of needy, poor, and indigent infants and children, and of orphans, including the provision of adoption services;
(j) Relief of needy, poor, and indigent adults and of the elderly;
(k) Delivery of services or assistance that conserve, protect, or restore the environment;
(l) Delivery of services or assistance to threatened or endangered species;
(m) Delivery of services in the performing, visual, literary and media arts.
(7) Local presence - Demonstration of direct and substantial presence in the local campaign community:
(a) The availability of services, such as examinations, treatments, inoculations, preventive care, counseling, training, scholarship assistance, transportation, feeding, institutionalization, shelter, and clothing to persons working or residing in the local campaign community.
(b) The presence within the local campaign community, or within reasonable commuting distance thereof, of a facility at which services may be obtained, such as an office, clinic, mobile unit, field agency, or direct provider, or specific demonstrable effects of research, such as personnel or facilities engaged therein or specific local applications thereof.
(c) The availability to persons working or residing in the local campaign community of communication with the voluntary charitable agency by means of home visits, transportation, or telephone calls, provided by the voluntary agency at no charge to the recipient or beneficiary of the service.
(8) Overseas - Areas outside of the District of Columbia and the fifty states of the United States.
[Statutory Authority: Executive Order 84-13 and WAC 240-10-010. WSR 99-14-022, § 240-10-030, filed 6/28/99, effective 7/29/99. Statutory Authority: WAC 240-10-010(7) and Executive Order 84-13. WSR 95-09-025, § 240-10-030, filed 4/12/95, effective 5/13/95; WSR 94-01-038, § 240-10-030, filed 12/6/93, effective 1/6/94. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.04.035, 41.04.036 and 41.04.230. WSR 87-18-003 (Order 87-1), § 240-10-030, filed 8/20/87; WSR 86-08-070 (Order 86-1), § 240-10-030, filed 4/1/86; WSR 86-02-015 (Order 85-2), § 240-10-030, filed 12/23/85.]
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