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PDFWAC 230-15-776

Requirements for TITO-enabled bill validators.

TITO-enabled bill validators must:
(1) Only be used in conjunction with approved ticketing (TITO) systems; and
(2) Be secure from unauthorized access, tampering, and bill/ticket removal; and
(3) Only be installed at house-banked card game tables or in the cashier's cage; and
(4) Only accept United States bills (no foreign currency) and be able to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit bills to a high degree of accuracy; and
(5) Only accept tickets from the licensed card room they are installed at; and
(6) Be able to identify invalid tickets; and
(7) Not accept promotional tickets, coupons, or vouchers such as free play or match play; and
(8) Not allow redemption of tickets for cash at house-banked card game tables; and
(9) Be equipped with a drop box/cassette to collect the bills and/or tickets inserted into the bill validator; and
(10) Be equipped with a ticket printer designed to detect paper jams, paper out, and print failure; and
(11) Not be capable of offering an element of chance and/or skill in the determination of prizes; and
(12) Not contain some form of activation to initiate a wager; and
(13) Not be capable of delivering or determining an outcome from a gambling activity.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 23-20-017, ยง 230-15-776, filed 9/22/23, effective 10/23/23.]
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