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PDFWAC 230-13-135

Maximum wagers and prize limitations.

(1) The maximum wager is three dollars and fifty cents and the maximum cost for a prize is five hundred dollars if school-aged minors are allowed to play amusement games at the following locations:
(a) Regional shopping centers; and
(b) Movie theaters; and
(c) Bowling alleys; and
(d) Miniature golf course facilities; and
(e) Skating facilities; and
(f) Family sports complexes.
(i) A "family sports complex" is a facility, at a permanent location, to which people go to play sports. A family sports complex must offer multiple sports activities, such as indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, lacrosse, baseball, Frisbee, and lawn bowling and the gross receipts must be primarily from these sports activities.
(ii) A family sports complex does not include a facility owned or operated by a school or school district; and
(g) Amusement centers; and
(h) Grocery or department stores. A "department or grocery store" means a business that offers the retail sale of a full line of clothing, accessories, and household goods, or a full line of dry grocery, canned goods, or nonfood items plus some perishable items, or a combination of these. A department or grocery store must have more than ten thousand square feet of retail and support space, not including the parking areas; and
(i) Any business whose primary activity is to provide food service for on premises consumption.
(2) For group 12 amusement games, the maximum wager is five dollars and the maximum cost for a prize is one thousand dollars.
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