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PDFWAC 230-10-235

Hidden face bingo game requirements.

(1) Hidden face bingo cards must meet the requirements for disposable bingo cards and each card or sheet of cards must:
(a) Be printed, folded, and sealed in a manner that prohibits anyone from viewing or knowing the numbers, configuration of numbers on the card, or the card number before the player opens it; and
(b) Have a separate numbering system that is randomly distributed when compared to the card number imprinted in the "free" space. Manufacturers must use procedures that mix cards or sheets of cards so that:
(i) No consistent relationship exists between the "card numbers" and separate numbering system within a set or subset; and
(ii) No patterns or consistent relationships exist in the location of a specific card number between subsets from different sets; and
(iii) The serial number and the additional card or sheet number must be imprinted on the outside of the cards or sheets of cards and visible for recording without opening the card or sheet of cards; and
(iv) Each set of cards must contain at least six thousand unique faces or patterns of numbers; and
(2) Bingo licensees must:
(a) Use the disposable bingo card receipting method for sales of hidden face bingo cards; and
(b) Meet all inventory requirements for disposable bingo cards and disposable bingo card receipting; and
(c) Comply with rules about sequentially issuing bingo cards to ensure that duplicate cards are not sold during a game. Licensees must sell each complete set or subset of cards before they issue any cards from a different set or subset. Licensees may sell cards from more than one set during a game if care is taken to ensure that no duplicate cards are sold; and
(d) Complete all play during a single session and only use cards that are sold during that session; and
(e) Select and call a new set of numbers for each game or set of games (example: "On the way" games); and
(f) Have a separate display board, visible to the players, for displaying numbers called. The numbers must be displayed until the game is completed. Licensees may use alternative displays if the numbers are displayed on the electronic flashboard during all number selection periods; and
(g) Document and prominently post the requirements for a completed game; and
(3) Licensees offering an "instant winner" game under hidden face bingo must:
(a) Meet all requirements for awarding bingo prizes; and
(b) Award prizes of not more than twenty-five percent of the total prize pool or two hundred fifty dollars, whichever is less; and
(c) For prizes of two hundred fifty dollars or more:
(i) Have the winner sign the winning card on the back to verify a winner; and
(ii) If using a two-part card, record a neutral player's name and complete address on the back of the original card to verify the winning card was paid; and
(4) Players who have paid to participate in the game must be present when the numbers are selected.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 07-21-116 (Order 617), ยง 230-10-235, filed 10/22/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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