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PDFWAC 230-07-145

Reporting annual progress.

Charitable or nonprofit licensees in Groups III, IV, V, and electronic raffle licensees must report annually their progress toward meeting their stated purpose in the format we prescribe.
(1) The report must explain the type and scope of activities which licensees conducted during their last annual fiscal accounting period; and
(2) The report must include, at least:
(a) A brief history of the licensed organization, including its stated charitable or nonprofit purpose(s); and
(b) A written statement setting out their goals for meeting their stated charitable or nonprofit purpose(s) in the future; and
(c) The number of full and regular members; and
(d) A list of contributions, scholarships, grants, or sponsorships made during the period. This list must include:
(i) The name of each organization or individual receiving a contribution from the licensee. The licensee may use the phrase "individual contribution" in place of the recipient. If the recipient is not named in the report, the licensee must maintain records to verify and identify the recipient of each individual contribution; and
(ii) Whether funds awarded were from gambling income or other funds;
(e) Gross income from all nongambling activities and the source of the income; and
(f) The revenue and expenses for any nongambling sales activities, presented separately, when conducted primarily in conjunction with gambling activities; and
(g) Total expenses for both charitable or nonprofit services; and
(h) The percentage or extent to which the licensee used net gambling income for charitable as distinguished from nonprofit purposes; and
(i) The details of any loans, contracts, or other business transactions with related parties that accumulatively exceed one thousand dollars during the period. "Related parties" means officers, board members, key employees, or members of the licensed organization, including direct relatives of each; and
(3) The report must be submitted no later than one hundred twenty days following the end of the organization's fiscal year.
(4) We may grant an organization additional time to submit the report if a written request is received before the due date. The president of the organization must sign any request for additional time and include a statement explaining the hardship causing the delay, and the expected date the required report(s) will be submitted.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 21-21-079, § 230-07-145, filed 10/18/21, effective 11/18/21; WSR 10-09-021 (Order 666), § 230-07-145, filed 4/13/10, effective 7/1/10; WSR 07-10-032 (Order 609), § 230-07-145, filed 4/24/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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