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PDFWAC 230-07-090

Keeping and depositing all gambling funds separate from other funds.

Charitable or nonprofit licensees must protect all funds generated from gambling activities and keep these funds separate from their general funds.
(1) Licensees must:
(a) Keep a separate gambling receipts account(s) in a recognized Washington state bank, mutual savings bank, or credit union; and
(b) Deposit only gambling receipts into that account. Licensees may deposit receipts from nongambling activities operated in conjunction with bingo games into the gambling receipts account if the licensee keeps detailed receipting records of the nongambling receipts; and
(c) Deposit all gambling receipts first into the account before spending or transferring them into other accounts, except for prize pay outs; and
(d) Deposit funds received from commercial amusement game operators operating amusement games on their premises in the licensee's gambling receipts account no later than the second banking day after they receive the receipts; and
(e) Make all deposits of net gambling receipts from each activity separately from all other deposits, and keep the validated deposit receipt as a part of their records. Deposit receipts are a part of the applicable daily or monthly records and licensees must make them available for our inspection; and
(f) Deposit all net gambling receipts which they are holding, pending pay out:
(i) From bingo, no later than the second banking day after they receive them. Licensees may withhold bingo receipts from deposits for "jar," "pig," or other special game prizes if the total of all such prize funds does not exceed two hundred dollars, enter the amount withheld each session in the bingo daily record, and record the reconciliation of the special game fund on the bingo daily record. "Reconcile" means the licensee must compare the two balances, resolve any differences, and document the comparison and the differences in writing. Licensees must keep the reconciliation as part of their records; and
(ii) From raffles, excluding electronic raffles, at least once a week. This includes those raffles:
(A) With gross gambling receipts over fifty thousand dollars in their initial year;
(B) With gross gambling receipts over fifty thousand dollars in their previous license year; and
(C) Offering prizes that require approval per WAC 230-11-067; and
(iii) From electronic raffles within two banking days of the drawing date; and
(iv) From amusement games with gross gambling receipts over fifty thousand dollars in their previous license year, at least each week; and
(v) From punch board and pull-tabs, including cost recovery for merchandise prizes awarded, no later than two banking days after they remove the board or series from play; and
(g) Record the Washington state identification number assigned to the punch board or pull-tab series and the amount of net gambling receipts on the deposit slip/receipt. Licensees may record the number and the receipts on a separate record if they record the bank validation number and maintain the record with the deposit slip/receipt; and
(2) These requirements do not apply to organizations who:
(a) Conduct only one or more of the following activities:
(i) Raffles under the provisions of RCW 9.46.0315;
(ii) Bingo, raffles, or amusement games under the provisions of RCW 9.46.0321;
(iii) Bingo, raffle, and amusement game licensees with gross gambling receipts of fifty thousand dollars or less in their previous license year, excluding electronic raffles; and
(b) Do not have any other license(s) from us.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 9.46.070. WSR 21-21-079, § 230-07-090, filed 10/18/21, effective 11/18/21; WSR 20-08-095, § 230-07-090, filed 3/30/20, effective 4/30/20; WSR 18-05-029, § 230-07-090, filed 2/9/18, effective 7/1/18; WSR 07-10-032 (Order 609), § 230-07-090, filed 4/24/07, effective 1/1/08.]
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