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PDFWAC 230-06-030

Restrictions and conditions for gambling promotions.

Licensees may conduct gambling promotions to encourage players to participate in the gambling activity they are licensed to conduct without our review or approval under these restrictions and conditions:
(1) You must establish rules and restrictions to determine how you will give promotional prizes and items to players; and
(2) You must comply with all applicable federal, state, and tribal laws and rules; and
(3) You must display all rules and restrictions clearly in the gambling area and include them on promotional materials or advertisements; and
(4) You must give all players eligible for the promotion an equal opportunity to participate; and
(5) Except for members-only progressive raffles conducted as authorized in WAC 230-11-091, you must not give another chance to participate in a gambling activity we regulate as a promotional item; and
(6) As part of a gambling promotion, you may add additional merchandise or cash prizes, including increasing payouts for gambling activities you are licensed to conduct; and
(7) Licensed manufacturers, distributors, and service suppliers may give cash or merchandise items to licensed operators to be used as promotional prizes as long as:
(a) The cash or merchandise is offered to all licensed operators; and
(b) The gambling promotion is approved by the director or director's designee when cash or merchandise provided to a licensed operator for a single promotion is over twenty-five thousand dollars; and
(8) In order for a licensed manufacturer, distributor, and service supplier to receive approval, the plan for the gambling promotion must be submitted to the director at least ninety days in advance of the intended start date. The promotion must include sufficient information for the director's approval, comply with all applicable federal and state laws, and include:
(a) The gambling promotion rules and restrictions; and
(b) How the operator will safeguard the prizes; and
(c) How the prizes will be given away; and
(d) The beginning and ending dates for the gambling promotion; and
(e) A detailed prize winner's record to be filled out upon completion of the promotion that includes the winner's name, prizes paid out, date the prize was awarded; and
(f) Any other information we request; and
(9) You must not give promotional prizes or items based on additional elements of chance except that:
(a) Licensed bingo operators are authorized to give promotional prizes or items as part of a bingo game; and
(b) Licensed card rooms are authorized to give promotional prizes or items as part of a physical drawing, spinning a wheel, or selecting from a group of concealed items; and
(10) You must not combine gambling activities and related gambling promotions in any way with a promotional contest of chance as defined in RCW 9.46.0356.
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