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PDFWAC 222-30-010

Policy—Timber harvesting.

*(1) This chapter covers all removal of timber from forest lands in commercial operations, commercial thinning, salvage of timber, relogging merchantable material left after prior harvests, postharvest cleanup, and clearing of merchantable timber from lands being converted to other uses. It does not cover removal of incidental vegetation or removal of firewood for personal use. To the extent practicable, the department shall coordinate activities using a multiple disciplinary planning approach.
*(2) The goal of riparian rules is to protect aquatic resources and related habitat to achieve restoration of riparian function; and the maintenance of these resources once they are restored.
*(3) The rules provide for the conversion and/or treatment of riparian forests which may be understocked, overstocked or uncharacteristically hardwood dominated while maintaining minimum acceptable levels of function on a landscape scale. The diversity of riparian forests across the landscapes is addressed by tailoring riparian prescriptions to the site productivity and tree community at any site.
*(4) Wetland areas serve several significant functions in addition to timber production: Providing fish and wildlife habitat, protecting water quality, moderating and preserving water quantity. Wetlands may also contain unique or rare ecological systems. The wetland management zone and wetland requirements specified in this chapter are designed to protect these wetland functions when measured over the length of a harvest rotation, although some of the functions may be reduced until the midpoint of the timber rotation cycle. Landowners are encouraged to voluntarily increase wetland acreage and functions over the long-term. Other laws or rules and/or permit requirements may apply. See chapter 222-50 WAC.
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