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PDFWAC 220-340-740

Sea cucumber license reduction program.

In order to provide for economic stability in the commercial sea cucumber fishery, and in accordance with RCW 77.70.190, the department establishes the sea cucumber license reduction program (program).
(1) Eligibility: All persons who currently hold a sea cucumber commercial fishery license are eligible to offer their license(s) for purchase by the department.
(2) Offer process: The department will accept sales offers beginning December 1st of each year and will purchase licenses based on the funds that are available on January 31st of the following year.
(3) Selection process: The department will rank sales offers from the lowest offer to the highest. It will purchase the lowest-cost licenses first, then the next lowest, and continue until there are insufficient funds to complete a purchase on an offer. If two or more licenses are offered at the same price, selection will be by random draw. To purchase licenses, the department will use the funds made available under RCW 77.70.190, with a maximum purchase price set by the director or his or her designee. The director or his or her designee must seek the advice of commercial sea cucumber fishery license holders prior to setting or revising the maximum purchase price. Once the director or his or her designee establishes or revises the maximum bid price, he or she will convey the price via emergency rule by November 1st of each year.
(4) License reduction process: When the department purchases a license, it will issue a warrant (a check from the department) in the amount of the offer to the license holder. On the date that the department mails the warrant to the license holder's mailing address on file with the department, it will void the license. When the license holder receives the warrant, he or she must return his or her commercial sea cucumber license cards to the department.
(5) No prohibition on reentry: License holders who sell a license under the program may reenter the sea cucumber commercial fishery if they purchase a license.
(6) Program termination: This program terminates when the number of sea cucumber commercial fishery licensees is reduced to twenty.
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