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Chapter 220-312 WAC

Last Update: 6/14/23


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF220-312-010Freshwater exceptions to statewide rulesGeneral rules.
HTMLPDF220-312-020Freshwater exceptions to statewide rulesCoast.
HTMLPDF220-312-030Freshwater exceptions to statewide rulesSouthwest.
HTMLPDF220-312-040Freshwater exceptions to statewide rulesPuget Sound.
HTMLPDF220-312-050Freshwater exceptions to statewide rulesEastside.
HTMLPDF220-312-060Freshwater exceptions to statewide rulesColumbia.
HTMLPDF220-312-070Statewide freshwater hook rules.
HTMLPDF220-312-080Unclassified freshwater invertebrates and fish.
HTMLPDF220-312-090Unlawful possession of snagged fish taken in freshwater.
HTMLPDF220-312-100Northern pikeminnow sport-reward fishery Columbia and Snake rivers.
HTMLPDF220-312-110Carp—Lawful gear and seasons.
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