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PDFWAC 212-80-038

Municipality, county, or state regulations.

(1) Nothing in this chapter or chapter 18.160 RCW limits the power of a municipality, county, or state to regulate the quality and character of work performed by contractors through a system of permits, fees, and inspections which are designed to assure compliance with and aid in the implementation of state and local building laws or to enforce other local laws for the protection of the public health and safety.
(2) Nothing in this chapter or chapter 18.160 RCW limits the authority of the municipality, county, or state to adopt any system of permits requiring submission to and approval by the municipality, county, or the state of layout drawings and specifications for work to be performed by contractors before commencement of the work.
(3) A municipality, county, or state may not enact a regulation or requirement to require any licensing or certification apart from the requirements provided by chapter 18.160 RCW and this chapter unless the program was in place before 1991.
(4) Licensed contractors and certificate of competency holders must comply with the authority having jurisdiction's requirements to obtain permits or permission before the installation, repair, alteration, or addition of a fire protection sprinkler system. Failure to comply with this section constitutes a Level 2 violation.
(a) Except as provided by (b) of this subsection, when a licensed contractor submits a bid to work on a fire protection sprinkler system, the licensed contractor does not need to obtain permits or permission from the authority having jurisdiction.
(b) The licensed contractor or certificate of competency holder must verify whether a permit or permission is required from the authority having jurisdiction before installing, repairing, altering, adding, or removing any fire protection sprinkler system.
(5) The authority having jurisdiction's official authorized to issue building or other related permits must ascertain that the fire protection sprinkler system contractor is duly licensed by requiring evidence of a valid fire protection sprinkler system contractor's license and a valid certificate of competency stamp consistent with the contractor's license.
(6) Officials of any municipality, county, or the state are required to determine compliance with this chapter before awarding any contracts for the installation, inspection, testing, maintenance, repair, service, alteration, fabrication, or addition of a fire protection sprinkler system.
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