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PDFWAC 212-80-015


(1) All fire protection sprinkler system contractors, certificate of competency holders, and persons who design, install, inspect, test, or repair, fire protection sprinkler systems or any part of such a system will comply with the provisions of this chapter.
(2) Exceptions to subsection (1) of this section:
(a) Federal, state, and local government employees, or insurance inspectors when acting in their official capacities.
(b) A person acting under court order.
(c) A person who sells or supplies products or materials to a licensed contractor.
(d) A registered professional engineer in the state of Washington acting solely in a professional capacity.
(e) A person issued a certificate of competency by the Washington state department of labor and industries, under chapter 18.106 RCW, as a journey-level or residential specialty plumber or supervised plumber trainee installing a residential network fire protection sprinkler system connected to potable water who works for a contractor as defined by WAC 212-80-010(4) of this chapter.
(f) An owner or occupier of a single-family residence performing his or her own installation in that residence. It is the intent of this subsection that builders or contractors will not install their own sprinkler systems in single-family residences under their ownership that they plan to sell, lease, or rent.
(g) Full-time employee, or owner of a facility who is qualified to the satisfaction of the authority having jurisdiction to perform fire protection sprinkler work in said facility.
(h) An employee of a licensed electrical contractor installing or testing only the electronic signaling devices of a fire sprinkler system.
(i) A person who inspects, field tests, maintains, or repairs backflow prevention assemblies installed on potable water supplies to fire sprinkler systems and who is certified as a:
(i) Backflow assembly tester by the Washington state department of health, under chapters 70.119 RCW and 246-292 WAC; or
(ii) Backflow specialty plumber by the Washington state department of labor and industries, under chapters 18.106 RCW and 296-400A WAC, when repairing backflow prevention assemblies within a building.
(j) Work performed by companies or individuals under these exemptions must still comply with all relevant standards, codes, and local ordinances relevant to the work being performed. This includes evidencing any and all necessary competency and experience to the local fire code authority.
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