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PDFWAC 208-680-560

What requirements must I follow when disbursing funds or other things of value?

(1) The escrow agent must disburse funds as set forth in the escrow instructions or collection agreement. Not doing so is a violation of RCW 18.44.430 (1)(e). Funds and other items or documents must be paid and/or disbursed immediately upon closing of the transaction or as specifically agreed to in writing by the principal parties, and all funds must be disbursed in compliance with RCW 18.44.400(3) and these rules.
(2)(a) Upon written notice from any principal party that the ownership of the funds is in dispute or is unclear based on the written agreements of the parties, the escrow agent must hold such funds until it receives written notice from all principal parties that the dispute has been resolved. In lieu of holding such funds, the escrow agent may interplead the funds into a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to chapter 4.08 RCW.
(b) For purposes of complying with (a) of this subsection, escrow agents should construe "written notice from any principal party that the ownership of the funds is in dispute" broadly so that many various written forms evidencing one party's or the other's belief in ownership of the subject funds is included.
(c) So too should the escrow agent construe "written demand" in RCW 64.04.220(2) broadly to include various forms of written correspondence and documents.
(d) Upon notification of a dispute between the principal parties, the department may, at its discretion, order the escrow agent to interplead the funds into a court of competent jurisdiction. If the department orders an escrow agent to interplead funds, the escrow agent may deduct only the actual costs of interpleading from the escrow funds.
(3) Except as provided otherwise in this section, at no time may an escrow agent disburse or delay the disbursement of funds without the written consent of the principal parties unless the delay is necessary to ensure the funds being disbursed are good funds.
(4) See also WAC 208-680-410 (1), (7), (11), and (16).
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