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PDFWAC 208-630-610

What accounting and financial records must I keep?

You must maintain the records in this section for at least two years.
(1) Generally, you must maintain the books, accounts, records, papers, documents, files, and other information relevant to the business.
(2) Specifically, you must maintain a record of transactions conducted. The record may be limited to the following provided a sufficient audit trail is available through records obtainable from your bank of account:
(a) Amount of the checks cashed;
(b) Amount of fees charged for cashing the check;
(c) Amount of cash deducted from the transaction for the sales of other services or products;
(d) Amount of each check or monetary instrument sold;
(e) Amount of fee charged for the monetary instrument;
(f) Amount of small loan proceeds disbursed;
(g) Fees charged for small loans;
(h) Amount of payments on small loans received;
(i) Origination date of each small loan;
(j) Termination date of each small loan;
(k) Installment plan payment due dates;
(l) Application information as required by rule;
(m) Records of cash payments made on small loans. The record must include the date of the payment, the borrower's name, the amount of cash received, the identity of the employee who received the cash, and whether the payment was applied to a loan or installment plan;
(n) Copies of receipts required under WAC 208-630-505.
(3) You must maintain a cash reconciliation summarizing each day's activity and reconciling cash on hand at the opening of business to cash on hand at the close of business. Such reconciliation must separately reflect cash received from the sale of checks, redemption of returned items, bank cash withdrawals, cash disbursed in cashing of checks, cash disbursed in making small loans, cash received in payment of small loans and bank cash deposits.
(4) You must keep records of the disbursement of loan proceeds and the receipts of all payments on the balance of small loans. The receipt must indicate the date of the transaction, the borrower's name, amount of receipt, and whether the disbursement or payment is on a loan or installment plan.
(5) You must maintain copies of any service agreements with agents.
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