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PDFWAC 208-512-460

Subprime mortgage lendingWhat will the division of banks do about compliance with guidance policies and procedures?

Every state-chartered bank, savings banks and savings association is different. There is no "one-size-fits-all" guidance available. Division of banks will not issue model guidance, because the process of self-analysis that your institution needs to do, in order to develop its own guidance policies and procedures, is beneficial. The division of banks does not provide technical legal advice. Also, the guidance is complex and will result in variations in wording or applicability of guidance policies and procedures among institutions, depending upon the size and complexity of a particular institution, the overall characteristics of its mortgage lending market base, and the specific types of mortgage lending it does, if any.
For supervision purposes, the division of banks will:
(1) Verify that an institution has integrated the guidance into its policies and procedures, as part of its risk-focused examination. Division of banks will not mandate the length or exact wording used in the guidance policies and procedures.
(2) Review the guidance policies and procedures with the institution, if a consumer complaint indicates a problem or issue regarding subprime and nontraditional mortgage lending practices.
(3) Verify that an institution is following its policies and procedures.
The division of banks expects prompt compliance by banks, savings banks and savings associations with the requirements of this rule.
The law provides the division of banks with examination, enforcement and investigation authority to take appropriate action against banks, savings banks and savings associations that are in noncompliance with the guidance policies and procedures requirement.
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