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PDFWAC 208-472-025

Application for addition of FOM groups—Approval of director.

(1) In order to request the approval of the director to add an FOM group to its bylaws under WAC 208-472-020 (2)(b) or (3), a credit union must submit a written application in duplicate to the director. The application must include the following items, and any other information and materials requested by the director:
(a) The name of the FOM group that the applicant desires to add to its bylaws;
(b) A copy of the resolution of its board of directors approving the bylaws amendment, certified by the board chairperson or secretary;
(c) A detailed description of the FOM group, including, but not limited to, location and number of employees, members or residents, as applicable, with supporting documentation;
(d) An explanation how the FOM group satisfies the definition of such a group in WAC 208-472-015;
(e) If the applicant is applying to add an associational group, an explanation of the qualifications for membership in the organization, and a copy of the organization's organizational documents;
(f) An explanation how the addition of the FOM group will affect the financial condition of the applicant. In addition, if the applicant is applying for a community, three year pro forma income statements and balance sheets and key ratios (including, but not limited to, return on average assets, net worth, asset growth and share growth);
(g) If the applicant is applying to add a nonqualified occupational or associational group in excess of 6,299 employees or members, as applicable, a reasoned justification why the group does not have sufficient size or resources, including individual and sponsor support, and financial, physical and human resources, to support a viable credit union of its own; and
(h) If the group has more then 500 employees, members, or residents, as applicable, a statement that the applicant has mailed or otherwise provided notice of the application to each credit union and federal credit union headquartered in the county(ies) in Washington in which the FOM group is primarily located.
The director may waive any of the items in this subsection as the director deems appropriate, such as in the case of the addition of FOM groups located wholly out-of-state.
(2) An application filed pursuant to subsection (1) of this section is deemed complete when the director has received all of the information required by subsection (1) of this section. If an incomplete application is received, the director will give written notice to the applicant no more than thirty days from the date the original application was received that additional information is necessary. The applicant will be allowed thirty days after receipt of the notice to provide the requested information. If the applicant fails to do so, the director will return the application and it will be deemed withdrawn.
(3) The director will give the applicant written notice of approval or denial within thirty days after the application is deemed complete. The director's determination whether to approve an application will be based on consideration of the safety and soundness of the applicant and the applicant's compliance with this chapter.
(4) To add a separate FOM group located wholly out-of-state to its field of membership bylaws, a credit union should first contact the director to determine how to proceed with the application to the director and whether the credit union is required to file an application or notice with the credit union supervisory authority in the other state.
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