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PDFWAC 208-460-110

How do I classify member business loans so as to reserve for potential losses?

Nondelinquent member business loans may be classified based on factors such as the adequacy of analysis and supporting documentation. You must classify potential loss loans as either substandard, doubtful, or loss. The criteria for determining the classification of loans are:
(1) Substandard. A substandard loan is inadequately protected by the current sound worth and paying capacity of the obligor or of the collateral pledged, if any. The loan must have a well-defined weakness or weaknesses that jeopardize the liquidation of the debt. It is characterized by the distinct possibility that the credit union will sustain some loss if the deficiency is not corrected. Loss potential, while existing in the aggregate amount of substandard loans, does not have to exist in individual loans classified substandard;
(2) Doubtful. A loan classified doubtful has all the weaknesses inherent in one classified substandard, with the added characteristic that the weaknesses make collection or liquidation in full, on the basis of currently existing facts, conditions, and values, highly questionable and improbable. The possibility of loss is extremely high, but because of certain important and reasonably specific pending factors which may work to the advantage and strengthening of the loan, its classification as an estimated loss is deferred until its more exact status may be determined. Pending factors include: Proposed merger, acquisition, or liquidation actions; capital injection; perfecting liens on collateral; and refinancing plans; and
(3) Loss. A loan classified loss is considered uncollectible and of such little value that its continuance as a loan is not warranted. This classification does not necessarily mean that the loan has absolutely no recovery or salvage value, but rather, it is not practical or desirable to defer writing off this basically worthless asset even though partial recovery may occur in the future.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 31.12.426(1), 31.12.516(2), 43.320.040. WSR 01-10-084, ยง 208-460-110, filed 5/1/01, effective 6/1/01.]
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