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PDFWAC 204-50-100

Installation of ignition interlock devices.

(1) An ignition interlock device can only be installed by a certified ignition interlock technician.
(2) The installation verification fee will be collected from the lessee by the manufacturer, vendor, service center, or ignition interlock technician at the time of installation and recorded in a log.
(3) An ignition interlock technician shall not install an ignition interlock device on a vehicle unless the restricted operator is:
(a) Successful in completing all training provided by the impaired driving section and/or manufacturer prior to initially using the ignition interlock device;
(b) The registered owner of the vehicle or has a signed "Non-owned Installation Approval Form" approving the ignition interlock device installation; and
(c) Provided ignition interlock device training by the manufacturer, vendor, service center, and/or certified technician. If the impaired driving section and/or DOL provides educational materials to the manufacturer, vendor, service center and/or technician, those training materials will be provided to and completed by the restricted operator and/or lessee in addition to the training required under this section.
(4) An ignition interlock technician shall:
(a) Record the following information before installing an ignition interlock device:
(i) The full name, current address, phone number, driver's license number of the lessee and/or restricted operator.
(ii) The vehicle license registration number for the vehicle in which the ignition interlock device is to be installed.
(iii) The unique serial number of the ignition interlock device installed and corresponding vehicle license registration number of the single vehicle in which it was installed.
(b) Ensure that no restricted operator, lessee or other unauthorized person witnesses the installation, service or removal of an ignition interlock device.
(c) Inspect all vehicles prior to installation of an ignition interlock device to determine if parts of a vehicle affected by an ignition interlock device are in acceptable condition and an ignition interlock device shall not be installed until the vehicle is in acceptable condition.
(d) Follow the manufacturer's instructions and regulations outlined in this chapter for the installation, servicing and removal of ignition interlock devices.
(e) Install the following physical anti-tampering measures:
(i) Place all connections and associated wiring between an ignition interlock device and a vehicle in an area of the vehicle not immediately accessible or visible to the lessee or restricted operator.
(ii) Cover with a unique and easily identifiable seal, epoxy, resin, shrink wrap, sheathing, or tamper proof tape:
(A) Any portion of an ignition interlock device that can be disconnected;
(B) Any wires used to install the ignition interlock device that are not inside a secured enclosure; and
(C) Mark points likely to be accessed when attempting to tamper with the ignition interlock device with other material unless the ignition interlock device is capable of recording such attempts to tamper with it.
(5) A service center or ignition interlock technician will:
(a) Thoroughly train a restricted operator on the proper use and functionality of an ignition interlock device;
(b) Provide a user reference, operation, and problem-solving guide in English or Spanish to the restricted operator when an ignition interlock device is installed; and
(c) Upon installation of the ignition interlock device, take a digital reference image or photograph of the restricted driver which must be accessible at the service center from a secure storage location for the duration of the installation.
(6) A service center or ignition interlock technician will be available during all posted hours of operation to answer all questions and handle any problems related to a restricted operator's ignition interlock device, including repair or replacement of an inoperable or malfunctioning ignition interlock device.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.43.395, 46.37.005, and 46.04.215. WSR 12-17-153, § 204-50-100, filed 8/22/12, effective 10/1/12; WSR 10-24-074, § 204-50-100, filed 11/30/10, effective 1/1/11.]
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