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PDFWAC 204-50-030


The following definitions will apply throughout this chapter:
(1) Alcohol - The unique chemical compound ethyl alcohol. For the purpose of ignition interlock devices, all devices will be specific for ethyl alcohol.
(2) Bogus sample - Any air sample that is altered, diluted, contaminated, stored, or filtered human breath, or which is obtained from an air compressor, hot air dryer, balloon, manual air pump, or other mechanical device, and is provided by an individual attempting to start or continue to operate a vehicle equipped with an ignition interlock device.
(3) Breath alcohol concentration BrAC - Is the amount of alcohol in a person's breath determined by chemical analysis, which shall be measured by grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath.
(4) Certification - The testing and approval process required by RCW 46.04.215, 43.43.395 and chapter 204-50 WAC.
(5) Chief - The chief of the Washington state patrol or his or her designee.
(6) Circumvention - The attempted or successful bypass of the proper functioning of an ignition interlock device including, but not limited to:
(a) The operation of a vehicle without a properly functioning ignition interlock device;
(b) The push start of a vehicle with the ignition interlock device;
(c) The disconnection of any part of the device including the control head while the vehicle is in operation or alteration of the ignition interlock device;
(d) The introduction of a bogus sample other than a deep-lung sample from the driver of the vehicle;
(e) The introduction of an intentionally contaminated or altered breath sample;
(f) The intentional disruption or blocking of a digital image identification device;
(g) The continued operation of the interlock vehicle after the ignition interlock device detects excess breath alcohol.
(7) Court (or originating court) - The particular Washington state court, if any, that has required the use of an ignition interlock device by a particular individual or has responsibility for the preconviction or postconviction supervision of an individual required to use or using the ignition interlock device.
(8) DOL - The department of licensing of the state of Washington.
(9) Fail level - The BrAC of .025 g/210L or a level set by the originating court, if lower, at which the ignition interlock device will prevent the operator from starting the vehicle, and/or once the vehicle is started, the level at which the operator must record a test below.
(10) Fee - Nonrefundable administrative fee set by schedule paid to the patrol by the manufacturer through electronic funds transfer.
(11) Ignition interlock device - An electronic device that is installed in a vehicle which requires submitting to a BrAC test prior to the starting of the vehicle and at periodic intervals after the engine has been started. If the ignition interlock device detects a BrAC test result below the alcohol setpoint, the ignition interlock device will allow the vehicle's ignition switch to start the engine. If the ignition interlock device detects a BrAC test result above the alcohol setpoint, the vehicle will be prohibited from starting.
(12) Ignition interlock technician - A person employed by the ignition interlock device manufacturer or vendor and certified by the impaired driving section to install, service, calibrate, remove and monitor certified ignition interlock devices in Washington state.
(13) Impaired driving section - The section of the Washington state patrol that has been designated by the chief of the Washington state patrol to coordinate and regulate ignition interlock devices.
(14) Initial start failure - A breath sample introduced into an ignition interlock device when a restricted operator is attempting to start a vehicle with a BrAC higher than .025 g/210L or the alcohol concentration as prescribed by the originating court.
(15) Lessee - A person who has entered into an agreement with a manufacturer, vendor, or service center to lease an ignition interlock device.
(16) Letter of certification - A letter issued by the Washington state patrol that authorizes a manufacturer's ignition interlock device to be used as an ignition interlock device under this chapter; or an ignition interlock technician to install, service, calibrate, remove and monitor certified ignition interlock devices in Washington state; or a service center location to service, install, monitor, and calibrate ignition interlock devices currently certified for use in Washington state.
(17) Lockout - A period of time where the ignition interlock device will not allow a breath sample to be delivered or a vehicle's engine to be started.
(18) Manufacturer - The person, company, or corporation who produces the ignition interlock device, and certifies to the impaired driving section that a service center, vendor, or ignition interlock technician is qualified to service, install, monitor, calibrate, remove, instruct, and provide information on the manufacturer's ignition interlock device.
(19) OAC - Office of the administrator of the court.
(20) Patrol - The Washington state patrol as defined in RCW 43.43.010.
(21) Restricted operator - A person whose driving privileges are restricted by court order or the department of licensing to operating only motor vehicles equipped with an approved, functioning ignition interlock device.
(22) Service center - A location certified by the impaired driving section to service, install, monitor, remove and calibrate certified ignition interlock devices in Washington state.
(23) Tampering - Any act or attempt to disable or circumvent the legal operation of an ignition interlock device.
(24) Vendor - An impaired driving section approved company, business, or distributor who is contracted by a manufacturer to manage service centers and/or technicians.
(25) Violation reset - An unscheduled service of the ignition interlock device which includes the following:
(a) Calibration as outlined in WAC 204-50-080 (3)(a);
(b) Visual inspection of wiring harness;
(c) Download of the ignition interlock device's data storage system.
(26) Wet bath simulator - A device which when filled with a certified alcohol and water simulator solution, maintained at a known temperature, provides a vapor sample of a known alcohol concentration.
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