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PDFWAC 196-09-015

Complaint processing approach.

The board processes complaints as follows:
(1) Anyone may submit a complaint against a licensed or unlicensed person alleging unprofessional conduct, unlicensed practice, or any other violations of chapter 18.43 or 18.210 RCW. Complaints must be sworn to in writing and should include documentation of the alleged conduct.
(2) Upon receipt of the complaint, board staff will send an acknowledgment of the complaint to the complainant. If the subject of the complaint ("respondent") is a licensee, the board will notify the licensee respondent that a complaint was filed against them and include a copy of the complaint documents.
(3) Board staff will conduct an initial review of the complaint to determine whether the complaint raises a potential violation that would fall within the jurisdiction and purview of a potential board action.
(a) If board staff determines there are no violations, the complaint is administratively closed, and the parties are notified.
(b) If board staff determines there is a potential violation, a formal investigation is opened, and an investigator and case manager are assigned. The respondent is notified, and a response to the allegations is requested.
(4) The case manager will evaluate all documentation or comments received (the investigation file), may ask questions, or call for further investigation. When the case manager completes their review of the documentation, they will draft a written report, which will result in either case closure, remedial counseling, expedited resolution, or issuance of statement of charges.
(5) The board may resolve a complaint or investigation at any time during this process.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.43.035. WSR 21-22-092, ยง 196-09-015, filed 11/2/21, effective 12/3/21.]
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