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PDFWAC 194-22-050

Curtailment administration—Stage by stage utility obligations.

Throughout the curtailment period, utilities will provide consumers with as much useful information as they reasonably can. The requirements specified below represent minimum actions to be taken. All requirements for lower level stages continue to apply to higher level stages. Utilities will provide information to the public, state and utility coordinator in conformance with the regional curtailment plan for electric energy, Appendix B, "Types of Curtailment Information."
(1) Stage 1 requirements: Utilities will begin providing curtailment information to all consumers. Utilities shall also assist states, as appropriate, in briefing the media about the shortage.
(2) Stage 2 requirements: Utilities will:
(a) Notify consumers of the percentage level of state-initiated voluntary curtailment;
(b) Provide curtailment tips to consumers;
(c) Answer consumer questions about curtailment;
(d) Provide curtailment reports to the states and the utility coordinator; and
(e) Provide more detailed information to the media than provided in Stage 1.
(3) Stage 3 requirements: Utilities will:
(a) Notify consumers of the percentage level of state-ordered mandatory curtailment;
(b) Calculate base billing period data and curtailment targets for all consumers subject to audit in the current billing period;
(c) Provide curtailment targets to all consumers who request such data for their own accounts;
(d) Provide consumers with information about how to apply for exemption and adjustment of base year data (utilities may elect to provide this information only to audited consumers or those subject to penalties (see WAC 194-22-110, mandatory curtailment enforcement) under this plan);
(e) Process requests for exemption and base year data adjustments from those consumers selected for audit who would otherwise be subject to penalties (see WAC 194-22-110, mandatory curtailment enforcement); and
(f) Implement the enforcement requirements (see WAC 194-22-110, mandatory curtailment enforcement) of the plan.
(4) Stage 4 requirements: Utilities will notify consumers of any applicable changes in state-initiated mandatory curtailment.
(5) Stage 5 requirements: Utilities will collaborate with the state to develop and implement the most effective methods for securing the required load curtailment and to minimize the economic and human hardships of the last stage of load curtailment.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21F.045. WSR 94-20-103, § 194-22-050, filed 10/4/94, effective 11/4/94.]
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