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PDFWAC 192-240-030

Job search requirements to receive extended benefits—RCW 50.22.020(5).

(1) To be eligible for extended benefits, you must show evidence of a systematic and sustained effort to find work. Your efforts must be of a quality and frequency that clearly indicate you are making sincere efforts to immediately return to gainful employment.
(a) At a minimum, your efforts must include at least four job search contacts with employers during each week you claim benefits.
(b) If you are a registered member of a referral union, you must make three job search contacts each week in addition to contacting your union and complying with the union's requirements.
(i) Registration with another union local can constitute one job search contact if you are willing to travel or relocate to accept work in their jurisdiction.
(ii) You do not have to look for work that would jeopardize your union membership, but must look for other work you are capable of doing.
(iii) If you have been identified by the department as having good prospects of returning to work within four weeks because you have an extremely favorable position on the union out-of-work list, contact with your union each week meets the job search requirements of this section.
(2) Every week you file a claim for extended benefits, you must report your job search contacts to the department. For each job search contact you must report the date of the contact, the employer or union involved and its place of business, the method of contact, and the type of work sought.
(3) You must keep a record or log of your job search contacts which contains the information required by WAC 192-180-015.
(4) The department may review your job search activities at any time. You must provide the department with a copy of your job search log upon request. Employer contacts will be verified by the department as needed.
(5) The department will consider you to have met the job search requirements of this section and of RCW 50.22.020(5) for any week in which you participate in a training program that is approved by the commissioner.
(6) The job search requirements under this section and RCW 50.20.020(5) are waived for any week in which you are unable to conduct a job search because you are serving on jury duty. See RCW 50.20.117.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 50.12.010 and 50.12.040. WSR 07-22-055, § 192-240-030, filed 11/1/07, effective 12/2/07; WSR 03-06-038, § 192-240-030, filed 2/26/03, effective 3/29/03.]
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