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PDFWAC 192-210-105

May all individuals on a union dispatch list participate in the referral union program?

No. Participation in the referral union program is limited to persons who are eligible for dispatch by the union and actively seeking dispatch. The union must meet the requirements of WAC 192-210-100.
(1) Qualified referral unions. A referral union that does not meet the requirements of WAC 192-210-100(4) is called a "qualified referral union." A qualified referral union is one that permits its members to look for work in the covered industry and, during the most recent calendar year, fewer than fifty percent of the union membership eligible for dispatch obtained employment through their union's referral program. Qualified referral unions are not part of the referral union program. However, a contact with the qualified referral union for a specific job counts as one of the three job search contacts required by RCW 50.20.240. For the remaining contacts, the person must search for work on his or her own.
(2) Eligible for dispatch. For purposes of this chapter, an individual is eligible for dispatch if he or she meets the minimum requirements for the job being filled, including having any license or certificate required for that occupation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 50.12.010, 50.12.040, 50.20.010. WSR 07-01-038, ยง 192-210-105, filed 12/12/06, effective 1/12/07.]
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