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PDFWAC 182-546-0520

GEMT supplemental payments.

(1) The agency makes supplemental payments for the uncompensated and allowable costs incurred while providing GEMT services to clients, as defined by the United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB).
(a) The amount of supplemental payments, when combined with the amount received from all other sources of reimbursement from the medicaid program, will not exceed one hundred percent of allowable costs.
(b) If the participating provider does not have any uncompensated care costs, then the participating provider will not receive payment under this program.
(2) The total payment is equal to the participating provider's allowable costs of providing the services.
(a) The participating provider must certify the uncompensated expenses using the cost reporting process described under WAC 182-546-0525. This cost reporting process allows medicaid to obtain federal matching dollars to be distributed to participating providers.
(b) The participating provider must:
(i) Include the expenditure in its budget.
(ii) Certify that the claimed expenditures for the GEMT services are eligible for FFP and that the costs were allocated to the appropriate cost objective according to the cost allocation plan.
(iii) Provide evidence, specified by the agency, supporting the certification.
(iv) Submit data, specified by the agency, determining the appropriate amounts to claim as expenditures qualifying for FFP.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160, 2015 c 157, 2017 c 273, and 2016 1st sp.s. c 29. WSR 20-17-010, § 182-546-0520, filed 8/6/20, effective 9/6/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160, and 2015 c 147. WSR 19-08-058, § 182-546-0520, filed 3/29/19, effective 5/1/19.]
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