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PDFWAC 182-538C-050


The definitions in this section and those found in chapters 182-500 and 182-538 WAC apply to this chapter.
"Action" means the denial or limited authorization of a service covered under the behavioral health administrative services organization (BH-ASO) contract based on medical necessity.
"Available resources" means funds appropriated for the purpose of providing community behavioral health programs.
(a) This includes:
(i) Federal funds, except those provided according to Title XIX of the Social Security Act; and
(ii) State funds appropriated by the legislature for the purpose of providing services under the BH-ASO contract.
(b) This does not include funds appropriated for the purpose of operating and administering the state psychiatric hospitals.
"Behavioral health" - See WAC 182-538-050.
"Behavioral health administrative services organization (BH-ASO)" - See WAC 182-538-050.
"Complaint" - See "grievance."
"Crisis" - See WAC 182-538D-0200.
"Grievance" - See WAC 182-538-050.
"Integrated managed care (IMC)" - See WAC 182-538-050.
"Less restrictive alternative (LRA)" means court-ordered outpatient treatment in a setting less restrictive than total confinement.
"Noncrisis services" means services funded by nonmedicaid funding sources that are provided to people who are not enrolled in Washington apple health or otherwise eligible for medicaid. These services may be provided at the discretion of the behavioral health administrative services organization (BH-ASO) within available resources, such as:
(a) Crisis stabilization;
(b) Outpatient mental health or substance use disorder services; and
(c) Withdrawal management.
"Patient days of care" - See WAC 182-538-050.
"Regional service area" - See WAC 182-538-050.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160, 2019 c 325, 2014 c 225, and 2018 c 201. WSR 19-24-063, § 182-538C-050, filed 11/27/19, effective 1/1/20. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160. WSR 16-05-051, § 182-538C-050, filed 2/11/16, effective 4/1/16.]
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