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WAC 182-532-720

TAKE CHARGE programEligibility.

(1) The TAKE CHARGE program is for men and women. To be eligible for the TAKE CHARGE program, an applicant must:
(a) Be a United States citizen, U.S. National, or "qualified alien" as described in WAC 182-503-0530, and give proof of citizenship or qualified alien status and identity upon request from the medicaid agency;
(b) Provide a valid Social Security number (SSN);
(c) Be a resident of the state of Washington as described in WAC 182-503-0520;
(d) Have an income at or below two hundred sixty percent of the federal poverty level as described in WAC 182-505-0100;
(e) Need family planning services;
(f) Have applied for categorically needy coverage, unless the applicant:
(i) Is a domestic violence victim who is covered under the alleged perpetrator's health insurance;
(ii) Is under eighteen years of age and is seeking confidential services; or
(iii) Has an income between one hundred fifty percent and two hundred sixty percent (inclusive) of the federal poverty level.
(g) Apply voluntarily for family planning services with a TAKE CHARGE provider; and
(h) Not be covered currently through another Washington apple health program for family planning. If categorically needy coverage is approved for a TAKE CHARGE recipient, the individual will be enrolled in the categorically needy program.
(2) An applicant who is pregnant or sterilized is not eligible for TAKE CHARGE.
(3) An applicant who has concurrent coverage under a creditable health insurance policy as defined in WAC 182-12-109 is not eligible for TAKE CHARGE unless the applicant is seeking confidential services and is either under nineteen years old or is a domestic violence victim who is covered under the perpetrator's insurance.
(4) A client is authorized for TAKE CHARGE coverage for one year from the date the medicaid agency determines eligibility, or for the duration of the waiver, whichever is shorter. Upon reapplication for TAKE CHARGE by the client, the medicaid agency may renew the coverage for an additional period of up to one year, or for the duration of the waiver, whichever is shorter.
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