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WAC 182-532-001

Reproductive health services—Definitions.

The following definitions and those found in WAC 182-500-0005 apply to this chapter.
340B dispensing fee - The medicaid agency's established fee paid to a registered and medicaid-participating 340B drug program provider under the public health service (PHS) act for expenses involved in acquiring, storing and dispensing prescription drugs or drug-containing devices (see WAC 182-530-7900). A dispensing fee is not paid for nondrug items, devices or supplies (see WAC 182-530-7050).
"Complication" - A condition occurring subsequent to and directly arising from the family planning services received under the rules of this chapter.
"Comprehensive prevention visit for family planning" - For the purposes of this program, a comprehensive, preventive, contraceptive visit that includes evaluation and management of an individual, such as: Age appropriate history, examination, counseling/anticipatory guidance, risk factor reduction interventions, and labs and diagnostic procedures that are covered under the client's respective medicaid agency program. These services may only be provided by and paid to TAKE CHARGE providers.
"Contraception" - Prevention of pregnancy through the use of contraceptive methods.
"Contraceptive" - A device, drug, product, method, or surgical intervention used to prevent pregnancy.
"Delayed pelvic protocol" - The practice of allowing a woman to postpone a pelvic exam during a contraceptive visit to facilitate the start or continuation of a hormonal contraceptive method.
"Education, counseling and risk reduction intervention (ECRR)" - Client-centered education and counseling services designed to strengthen decision-making skills and support a client's safe and effective use of a chosen contraceptive method. For women, ECRR is part of the comprehensive prevention visit for family planning. For men, ECRR is a stand-alone service for those men who seek family planning services and whose partners are at moderate to high risk of unintended pregnancy.
"Family planning only program" - The program that provides an additional ten months of family planning services to eligible women at the end of their pregnancy. This benefit follows the sixty-day postpregnancy coverage for women who received medical assistance benefits during the pregnancy.
"Family planning provider" - For this chapter, a physician or physician's assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP), or clinic that, in addition to meeting requirements in chapter 182-502 WAC, is approved by the medicaid agency to provide family planning services to eligible clients as described in this chapter.
"Family planning services" - Medically safe and effective medical care, educational services, and/or contraceptives that enable individuals to plan and space the number of their children and avoid unintended pregnancies.
"Medicaid agency" - Health care authority.
"Natural family planning" (also known as fertility awareness method) - Methods to identify the fertile days of the menstrual cycle and avoid unintended pregnancies, such as observing, recording, and interpreting the natural signs and symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle.
"Over-the-counter (OTC)" - Drugs that do not require a prescription before they can be sold or dispensed. (See WAC 182-530-1050.)
"Sexually transmitted infection (STI)" - A disease or infection acquired as a result of sexual contact.
"TAKE CHARGE" - The medicaid agency's demonstration and research program approved by the federal government under a medicaid program waiver to provide family planning services.
"TAKE CHARGE provider" - A family planning provider who has a TAKE CHARGE agreement to provide TAKE CHARGE family planning services to eligible clients under the terms of the federally approved medicaid waiver for the TAKE CHARGE program. (See WAC 182-532-730 for provider requirements.)
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