Chapter 182-509 WAC

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WAC Sections

182-509-0001Countable income for Washington apple health programs.
182-509-0220Washington apple health—How resources are considered.
182-509-0300Modified adjusted gross income (MAGI).
182-509-0305MAGI income—Persons subject to the modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) methodology.
182-509-0310MAGI income—Timing of income.
182-509-0315MAGI income—Ownership of income.
182-509-0320MAGI income—Noncountable income.
182-509-0325MAGI income—Unearned income.
182-509-0330MAGI income—Earned income.
182-509-0335MAGI income—Educational benefits.
182-509-0340MAGI income—American Indian/Alaska Native excluded income.
182-509-0345MAGI income—Income from employment and training programs.
182-509-0350MAGI income—Needs-based assistance from other agencies or organizations.
182-509-0355MAGI income—Gifts and inheritances.
182-509-0360MAGI income—How the income of a child age eighteen or younger or a tax dependent is counted.
182-509-0365MAGI income—Self-employment income.
182-509-0370MAGI income—How self-employment income is counted.
182-509-0375MAGI income—Lump sums.
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