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PDFWAC 182-501-0070

Health care coverageNoncovered services.

(1) The medicaid agency or its designee does not pay for any health care service not listed or referred to as a covered health care service under the medical programs described in WAC 182-501-0060, regardless of medical necessity. For the purposes of this section, health care services includes treatment, equipment, related supplies, and drugs. Circumstances in which clients are responsible for payment of health care services are described in WAC 182-502-0160.
(2) This section does not apply to health care services provided as a result of the early and periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment (EPSDT) program as described in chapter 182-534 WAC.
(3) The agency or its designee does not pay for any ancillary health care service(s) provided in association with a noncovered health care service.
(4) The following list of noncovered health care services is not intended to be exhaustive. Noncovered health care services include, but are not limited to:
(a) Any health care service specifically excluded by federal or state law;
(b) Acupuncture, Christian Science practice, faith healing, herbal therapy, homeopathy, massage, massage therapy, naturopathy, and sanipractice;
(c) Chiropractic care for adults;
(d) Cosmetic, reconstructive, or plastic surgery, and any related health care services, not specifically allowed under WAC 182-531-0100(4) or 182-531-1675;
(e) Discography;
(f) Ear or other body piercing;
(g) Face lifts or other facial cosmetic enhancements;
(h) Fertility, infertility or sexual dysfunction testing, and related care, drugs, and/or treatment including but not limited to:
(i) Artificial insemination;
(ii) Donor ovum, donor sperm, or gestational carrier;
(iii) In vitro fertilization;
(iv) Penile implants;
(v) Reversal of sterilization; and
(vi) Sex therapy.
(i) Hair transplants;
(j) Epilation (hair removal) and electrolysis not specifically allowed under WAC 182-531-1675;
(k) Marital counseling;
(l) Motion analysis, athletic training evaluation, work hardening condition, high altitude simulation test, and health and behavior assessment;
(m) Nonmedical equipment;
(n) Penile implants;
(o) Prosthetic testicles not specifically allowed under WAC 182-531-1675;
(p) Psychiatric sleep therapy;
(q) Subcutaneous injection filling;
(r) Tattoo removal;
(s) Transport of Involuntary Treatment Act (ITA) clients to or from out-of-state treatment facilities, including those in bordering cities;
(t) Upright magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); and
(u) Vehicle purchase - New or used vehicle.
(5) For a specific list of noncovered health care services in the following service categories, refer to the WAC citation:
(a) Ambulance transportation and nonemergent transportation as described in chapter 182-546 WAC;
(b) Dental services as described in chapter 182-535 WAC;
(c) Durable medical equipment as described in chapter 182-543 WAC;
(d) Hearing care services as described in chapter 182-547 WAC;
(e) Home health services as described in WAC 182-551-2130;
(f) Hospital services as described in WAC 182-550-1600;
(g) Health care professional services as described in WAC 182-531-0150;
(h) Prescription drugs as described in chapter 182-530 WAC;
(i) Vision care hardware for clients 20 years of age and younger as described in chapter 182-544 WAC; and
(j) Vision care exams as described in WAC 182-531-1000.
(6) A client has a right to request an administrative hearing, if one is available under state and federal law. When the agency or its designee denies all or part of a request for a noncovered health care service(s), the agency or its designee sends the client and the provider written notice, within 10 business days of the date the decision is made, that includes:
(a) A statement of the action the agency or its designee intends to take;
(b) Reference to the specific WAC provision upon which the denial is based;
(c) Sufficient detail to enable the recipient to:
(i) Learn why the agency's or its designee's action was taken; and
(ii) Prepare a response to the agency's or its designee's decision to classify the requested health care service as noncovered.
(d) The specific factual basis for the intended action; and
(e) The following information:
(i) Administrative hearing rights;
(ii) Instructions on how to request the hearing;
(iii) Acknowledgment that a client may be represented at the hearing by legal counsel or other representative;
(iv) Instructions on how to request an exception to rule (ETR);
(v) Information regarding agency-covered health care services, if any, as an alternative to the requested noncovered health care service; and
(vi) Upon the client's request, the name and address of the nearest legal services office.
(7) A client can request an exception to rule (ETR) as described in WAC 182-501-0160.
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