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PDFWAC 181-77A-180

Career and technical education teacher preparation specialty standards.

In addition to the standards identified in WAC 181-77A-175, individuals obtaining certification in the areas of coordinator of worksite learning or career choices must demonstrate competency in the following standards.
(1) Coordinator of worksite learning.
(a) The worksite learning coordinator demonstrates the knowledge and ability to develop, implement, manage, and evaluate a diversified worksite learning program that utilizes local resources.
(b) The worksite learning coordinator models ethical behavior and demonstrates the ability to facilitate, supervise, and evaluate student leadership activities.
(c) The worksite learning coordinator demonstrates the ability to team with career and technical education teachers and prospective employers to relate worksite learning with school-based learning and to measure student performance.
(d) The worksite learning coordinator demonstrates a commitment to professional development.
(e) The worksite learning coordinator demonstrates a current knowledge of the essential academic learning requirements and skills for entry level workers and uses a variety of methods to insure that students master the essential academic learning requirements.
(2) Career choices.
(a) The career choices teacher demonstrates competency in the areas of career exploration, employment acquisition, job retention, resource management (personal, community, workplace technology, and consumerism), economic systems (entrepreneurship, economics), basis skills development, and leadership development.
(b) The career choices teacher demonstrates the ability to link classroom learning with the world of work and coordinate worksite learning which prepares students for the world of work.
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