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PDFWAC 181-77-071

Initial certification of career and technical education administrative personnel.

(1) Initial certificate.
(a) Beginning September 1, 2014, a candidate is eligible for the initial career and technical education administrator certification if meeting one or more of the following:
(i) Currently holds a valid residency, initial, continuing or professional administrator certificate; or
(ii) Completion of three years of certificated experience as a career and technical education supervisor, career and technical education instructor, career and technical education counselor, career and technical education career guidance specialist, or occupational information specialist; and
(b) In addition, the candidate must meet one or more of the following:
(i) Completion of the state authorized career and technical education administrator internship program; or
(ii) Completion of a state approved program for career and technical education administration.
(c) The career and technical education administrator certificate role standards are as published by the professional educator standards board.
(2) Continuing certificate.
(a) In order to receive the continuing career and technical education administrator certificate, in addition to the requirements for the initial certificate, at least one hundred fifty continuing education credit hours completed subsequent to the conferral of the initial certificate is required; or, the individual may hold a valid national board certificate issued by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards in any certificate area.
(b) Individuals shall provide as a condition for the issuance of a continuing certificate documentation of two years full-time equivalency (FTE) of career and technical administration with an authorized employer (i.e., school district(s) or skill center(s)).
(3) Certificates under this section are renewed under chapter 181-79A WAC.
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