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PDFWAC 174-168-020

Loan periods and fines.

(1) General use library resources (print and nonprint).
(a) Polices for handling requests for library resources, including a schedule of fines and charges, will be published on the college web site. Requests for library resources will be handled according to college policies and any licensing or contractual agreements to which the college is a party.
(b) Due dates will not exceed one academic quarter. Users should request renewals before due date.
(c) Users are guaranteed the use of the material for a period defined by policy, after which the material may be recalled to meet the needs of another user. The library will levy a fine if the user fails to return material by the recall date. In addition, if material is not returned within a specified period after the due date, the library will levy an additional fine.
(d) Special collections (print and nonprint) include, but are not limited to the following materials: Rare books, 16mm, reference, archives, DVD, and videotapes. These materials either do not circulate or are available for shorter loan periods. Some materials may require special permission or training before access is granted. If a special collection item is released for circulation and the item is not returned within a specified period after the due date, the library will levy a fine.
(2) Media services resources.
(a) The Evergreen State College will adopt policies for handling requests for media services and resources and will publish those policies, including a schedule of fines or service charges, on the college web site. Requests for media resources and services will be handled according to college policies.
(b) Media services resources may be borrowed by members of the college community. The first priority for use of media services resources is for coordinated and contracted studies and evening and weekend studies.
(c) Media services may be provided to persons outside the college community. Charges for such services will reflect the cost to the college and the price of such services in the private marketplace. Reduced charges will apply for college-sponsored nonacademic programs, workshops, auxiliary services or self-sustaining programs.
(d) Borrowers may be required to carry insurance for high demand or high cost equipment for an extended loan period, or if the equipment is taken outside the country.
(e) College policies will specify overdue fines and will be published on the college's web site. After an initial overdue fine is levied, additional, daily fines may be levied if the equipment is not returned. Daily fines may accumulate up to the replacement value of the item(s).
(f) Media loan reserves the right to deny privileges if a borrower is in violation of any media loan policy. Borrowers are liable for loss or damage of equipment and any associated overdue fines. The library may ask campus police to contact borrowers in cases when equipment is overdue.
(g) When equipment is returned and all fines have been paid, a borrower may request reinstatement of borrowing privileges.
(3) Borrowers who repeatedly ignore the rights of other borrowers or abuse the responsibilities inherent in sharing library resources with the rest of the Evergreen community may be denied the privilege of borrowing media and library resources for a period of time determined by the circulation manager or media services manager or their designees. Appeals of decisions by the circulation manager or media services manager or their designees must be made in writing within twenty calendar days to the dean of library and media services.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.14.120. WSR 08-14-157, § 174-168-020, filed 7/1/08, effective 8/1/08. Statutory Authority: Chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 90-13-028, § 174-168-020, filed 6/12/90, effective 7/13/90.]
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