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PDFWAC 174-123-250

Procedural review complaint.

A procedural review complaint may be used to resolve any student complaint related to a current process in which a determination has not been issued regarding the alleged violations of the code.
A procedural review complaint is a student's formal complaint concerning the application of policy, a procedural concern, or a condition in which a student believes the current process has been impacted. This complaint may include, but is not limited to, the inappropriate application of a policy, the process, or procedures not followed appropriately in the process, or other concerns related to the process.
It is recommended that a student first discuss their concerns with the student conduct official responsible for the process prior to filing a complaint.
No disciplinary or other unfavorable action may be taken against any student or anyone who may support or advise a student using these procedures. A student wishing to report the actions of another student cannot use this process and is to be referred to the submitting a complaint section of WAC 174-123-190.
(1) Making a procedural review complaint:
(a) A student with a procedural review complaint will report their concern in writing to the senior college official. While only one complaint may be made in the course of a proceeding, a complaint may address multiple concerns. A designated staff member will be assigned as the procedural review coordinator (coordinator) and the current code process that is the subject of the procedural review complaint will be put on administrative hold until the resolution of the complaint, except that the filing of a procedural review complaint will not cause any interim measures to be put on hold or halt the implementation of any interim measures.
(b) The coordinator will discuss the concern with the student. If the student has not already discussed the concern with the student conduct official, the coordinator may refer the student to the student conduct official.
(c) If the student elects to not discuss their concern with the student conduct official, or the procedural review complaint is not referred to or resolved by the student conduct official, the student will submit their concern as a written complaint to the coordinator. The written complaint should contain a complete and specific account of the student's complaint, including the policies, practices, procedures, or the condition complained of, with written evidence attached, and stating the remedy the student seeks.
(2) Resolution of procedural review complaint:
(a) The coordinator will investigate the student's written complaint by gathering information from the involved people named by the student as well as from others as necessary. The coordinator may ask those named to respond to the student's complaint in writing.
(b) The coordinator will make recommendations based on information presented in an effort to resolve the procedural review complaint. The student will be notified of the recommendations within five business days of the close of the investigation.
(c) Any recommendations by the coordinator will be instituted by the senior student conduct official or designee at the resumption of the process.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.40.120. WSR 18-17-102, ยง 174-123-250, filed 8/15/18, effective 9/15/18.]
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