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PDFWAC 173-95A-110

Loan only eligible.

Certain projects or project elements including, but not limited to, the following may be eligible for centennial loan assistance:
(1) CAFOs, for BMP implementation;
(2) Environmental emergencies as defined in WAC 173-95A-020 and applied for in accordance with the provisions described in the published funding guidelines for the funding cycle in which the emergency occurs;
(3) Facilities for nonhardship wastewater and stormwater:
(a) Planning:
(i) Comprehensive sewer planning, including wastewater elements of capital facilities planning under the Growth Management Act;
(ii) Planning for water pollution control facilities; and
(iii) Stormwater planning for permitted facilities;
(b) Design preparation of plans and specifications for water pollution control facilities;
(c) Construction of:
(i) Combined sewer overflow abatement;
(ii) Facilities for the control, storage, treatment, conveyance, disposal, or recycling of stormwater; and
(iii) Water pollution control facility construction to meet existing residential needs;
(d) Value engineering for water pollution control facilities;
(4) Land acquisition:
(a) As an integral part of the treatment process (e.g., land application); or
(b) For siting of water pollution control facilities, sewer rights of way, easements, and associated costs;
(5) Legal expenses will be determined on a case-by-case basis, such as development of local ordinances, use of a bond counsel, review of technical documents;
(6) On-site sewage systems:
(a) Local loan fund program development and administration;
(b) New sewer systems to eliminate failing or failed on-site sewage systems;
(7) Spare parts, an initial set of spare parts for equipment that is critical for a facility to operate in compliance with discharge permit requirements; and
(8) Transferring ownership of a small wastewater system to a public body.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 90.50A and 70.146 RCW. WSR 17-17-040 (Order 16-04), § 173-95A-110, filed 8/9/17, effective 9/9/17. Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.50A RCW, RCW 90.48.035, and 43.21A.080. WSR 11-20-036 (Order 10-14), § 173-95A-110, filed 9/27/11, effective 10/28/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 90.48.035. WSR 07-14-096 (Order 05-16), § 173-95A-110, filed 6/29/07, effective 7/30/07. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.146 RCW. WSR 01-01-042 (Order 00-10), § 173-95A-110, filed 12/8/00, effective 1/8/01.]
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