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PDFWAC 173-910-440

Plan and annual report submittal.

(1) Plans must include the plan content requirements in WAC 173-910-420.
(a) New product stewardship plans must be submitted by June 1st for implementation in the following calendar year.
(b) The first update of an approved product stewardship plan is required two years after approval and implementation, by July 1st of the second year of implementation.
(c) Second and subsequent updates of an approved product stewardship plan are required every four years, by July 1st of each subsequent third year of implementation.
(d) The department will post product stewardship plans and updates on the department's website for public review. The department will provide public review comments to the stewardship organization.
(2) Annual reports must include the content requirements in WAC 173-910-430.
(a) Annual reports must be submitted by June 1st for the prior calendar year.
(b) The department may request additional information or clarification during the review of annual reports. If the department determines that additional information is needed, the stewardship organization must submit the additional information to the department within sixty days of receipt of the notice.
(c) The department will post annual reports on the department's website for public review.
(3) Stewardship organizations must submit one electronic copy of their plan, update, or report to the department. The plan, update, or annual report must be submitted to the Waste 2 Resources Program at the department's headquarters office.
(4) Stewardship organizations submitting information to the department may request confidential treatment under RCW 43.21A.160.
(5) The department may request a hard copy version of the plan or report.
Table 400
Plan and Report Submittal Timeline
Plan Update
Annual Report
For the following calendar year
For the prior calendar year
Stewardship organization submits document
June 1st
July 1st
June 1st
Department initial review
90 days
90 days
60 days
Stewardship organization document revision
60 days
60 days
60 days
Department second review
60 days
60 days
60 days
Stewardship organization resubmits document
60 days
60 days
60 days
Until approved, document review timing follows the second review schedule
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.275.040, 70.275.110, 70.275.140. WSR 16-17-146 (Order 15-04), § 173-910-440, filed 8/24/16, effective 9/24/16. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.275 RCW. WSR 12-23-049 (Order 11-09), § 173-910-440, filed 11/16/12, effective 12/17/12.]
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