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PDFWAC 173-700-232

Dispute resolution process.

An IRT member(s) who has concerns with a particular decision or element of an instrument shall submit the concern and accompanying rationale in writing to the chair(s) of the IRT within fifteen days of the decision. The following dispute resolution process for resolving concerns shall be used:
(1) The chair(s) of the IRT shall outline the majority position on the area of concern and shall work with the IRT member(s) to develop potential solutions to those concerns.
(2) The department shall make every effort to resolve concerns within the IRT before the conflict is elevated to the program manager of the department's shorelands and environmental assistance program.
(3) In the event that the IRT is still unable to reach consensus, within thirty days of receipt of the concern by the department, the IRT member with the concern may request, through written notification, that the department's program management review the issue. The written notification must be directed to the program manager of the shorelands and environmental assistance program or the program manager's designee. Such a notification must include:
(a) A detailed description of the issue; and
(b) Recommendations for resolution.
(4) Within thirty days of receipt of a notification, the program manager or designee shall contact the IRT member with a final decision on the resolution. The decision of the program manager shall be the final decision of the department. The resolution shall be forwarded to the other IRT members.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 90.84 RCW. WSR 09-19-013 (Order 04-13), ยง 173-700-232, filed 9/3/09, effective 10/4/09.]
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