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PDFWAC 173-566-300

Fiscal controls.

Determining allocation of funding.
(1) For each funding cycle, ecology may allocate a percent of available funding to certain project types, which will be identified in the grant guidance. Funding allocation may be based on demonstrated need, previous funding awarded, or other criteria.
(2) Ecology may set aside a percentage of available funding each funding cycle for projects in each ecology region or other geographical areas. Ecology will update the funding guidance with set aside amounts prior to the beginning of the funding cycle.
(3) Ecology may set a ceiling amount to limit the amount of grant funding available to any one applicant per funding cycle. The ceiling amount will be included in the funding guidance.
Grant decisions.
(4) When awarding grants, ecology decisions will be:
(a) Consistent with all state laws and rules authorizing the funding and any specific direction by the legislature.
(b) Subject to available funds.
(c) Based on evaluations of grant applications submitted and other relevant information available.
Funding discretion.
(5) Ecology retains the discretion to not provide a grant for an eligible project or to provide less funding for an eligible project than the amount requested.
(6) Ecology has the discretion to:
(a) Hold funds:
(i) To cover cost overruns on funded projects; or
(ii) To use in later funding cycles.
(b) Award unused funds to lower ranked projects following the initial grant awards in the funding cycle.
Grant management.
(7) Ongoing management of most aspects of grant projects is subject to the most recent edition of administrative requirements for ecology grants, such as Administrative Requirements for Recipients of Ecology Grants Managed in EAGL.
(8) Retroactive costs. Any costs incurred before the agreement effective date are at the recipient's risk.
(9) Ecology will establish reasonable costs for all grants, and require recipients to manage projects in a cost-effective manner. Ecology may require grant recipients to periodically update a spending plan for the grant.
(10) Ecology may withdraw or modify a funding offer if the recipient makes a request to significantly change the scope of work after the award.
(11) Ecology has the right to withdraw funding and not approve expenditures that do not follow appropriate contracting process.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.54.040, 43.21A.080, and chapter 90.94 RCW. WSR 19-14-033 (Order 18-05), ยง 173-566-300, filed 6/25/19, effective 7/26/19.]
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