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PDFWAC 173-566-120


(1) All applicants must use the electronic system identified by ecology to apply for grants. Applicants without access to the electronic system must use a process approved by ecology.
(2) The applicant must complete the application process and provide all required information, including:
(a) Applicant information.
(b) Project location and description.
(c) Requested funding amount and budget for the project.
(d) Description of project benefit(s), including:
(i) Problem(s) or need(s) the project would address.
(ii) Timing, location, and extent that the project is expected to address the identified needs.
(iii) Estimates of the rate and volume of conserved water.
(iv) Method(s) used to determine project benefits.
(v) How any monitoring, operations, maintenance, or other measures will be addressed to ensure benefits persist over time.
(vi) Metrics for project success, including quantitative metrics if available.
(e) Scope of work and tasks for the project.
(f) Source of project water, if applicable, and how water will be managed to ensure there will be no impairment to senior water rights.
(g) Permits that have been obtained, applied for, or otherwise identified as necessary to execute the project.
(h) How aquatic species and water quality will be protected.
(i) Any other information required by ecology to evaluate the project.
(3) Ecology may require a feasibility study if the applicant cannot supply sufficient detail in the application. Applicants may apply for a grant to complete the feasibility study.
(4) The applicant must submit a complete application by the due date and time, if a due date and time are included in the announcement. Ecology may approve a later due date by posting notice of the extended application deadline on ecology's website.
(5) Ecology may request additional information to assist in the application evaluation process. If the applicant fails to comply with the request, ecology may determine the application is incomplete and remove it from further consideration.
(6) Applicants may submit a new application for a project that was not funded for any reason in a prior funding cycle.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.54.040, 43.21A.080, and chapter 90.94 RCW. WSR 19-14-033 (Order 18-05), ยง 173-566-120, filed 6/25/19, effective 7/26/19.]
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