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PDFWAC 173-527-050

Stream management control points.

Ecology hereby establishes the following stream management control points shown in Table I. Management point locations are shown in WAC 173-527-030.
Table I
Stream Management Control Point Information
Stream Management Point Name
Control Station by River Mile (RM); Latitude (Lat.), Longitude (Long.)
Kalama River (at USGS gage #14223500)
RM 2.8; 46°02'51"N, 122°50'10"W
Cedar Creek (near Lewis River Hatchery)
RM 0.02; 45°56'09"N, 122°37'09"W
North Fork Lewis River (at USGS gage #14220500)
RM 19.0; 45°57'07"N,122°33'46"W
Canyon Creek (at NE Healy Road)
RM 2.9; 45°56'24"N, 122°18'58"W
Jenny Creek (at Pacific Highway/Clark Co. Road)
RM 0.3; 45°52'22"N, 122°41'53"W
McCormick Creek (at 11th Ave. crossing)
RM 2.0; 45°50'34"N, 122°40'51"W
Brezee Creek (at La Center, Co. Rd. 42 crossing)
RM 0.4; 45°51'45"N, 122°39'52"W
Lockwood Creek (at Co. Rd. 42)
RM 1.2; 45°51'17"N, 122°38'14"W
Mason Creek (at J.A. Moore Rd. crossing)
RM 1.2; 45°50'00"N, 122°37'30"W
East Fork Lewis River (at Ecology gage 27D090)
RM 10.1; 45°48'51"N, 122°35'30"W
Rock Creek #2 (at 319th St. Bridge off Highway 503)
RM 1.8; 45°51'13"N, 122°31'14"W
Yacolt Creek (at confluence at Moulton Falls)
RM 0.02; 45°49'56"N, 122°23'13"W
Rock Creek #1 (1/2 mile south of Dole)
RM 1.8; 45°46'31"N, 122°20'16"W
Gee Creek (at Ridgefield, Highway 501 crossing)
RM 4.9; 45°48'55"N, 122°43'52"W
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 90.82, 90.54, 90.22, 90.03, and 90.44 RCW. WSR 09-01-126 (Order 08-02), § 173-527-050, filed 12/19/08, effective 1/19/09.]
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