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PDFWAC 173-460-040

New source review.

(1) Applicability and exemptions. This chapter supplements the new source review requirements of WAC 173-400-110 by adding review requirements for new and modified toxic air pollutant sources. An action that is exempt from new source review under WAC 173-400-110 (4) or (5) is exempt under this chapter as well, except that a local air authority may adopt its own list of exemptions in accordance with RCW 70.94.331 (2)(b) to operate in lieu of or in addition to the exemptions in WAC 173-400-110 (4) and (5). An action that requires a notice of construction application under WAC 173-400-110 is subject to the review requirements of this chapter, unless the emissions before control equipment of each TAP (rounded to two significant digits) from a new source or the increase in emissions from each modification is less than the applicable de minimis emission threshold for that TAP listed in WAC 173-460-150.
(2) New source review of a modification is limited to the emission unit or units proposed to be modified and the TAPs whose emissions would increase as a result of the modification.
(3) The permitting authority that is reviewing a notice of construction application for a new or modified toxic air pollutant source must ensure that:
(a) The new or modified emission units use tBACT for emissions control for the TAPs with emission increases that trigger the need to submit a notice of construction application; and
(b) The new or modified emission units comply with WAC 173-460-070 as demonstrated by using the procedures established in WAC 173-460-080 or, failing that, demonstrates compliance by using the additional procedures in WAC 173-460-090 and/or 173-460-100.
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